The World Of Me
The cool world, with some great stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey Guys! I haven’t blogged in a while… so sorry for that infact its been about a year but ive been ultra busy and I will try and remeber to come on here more often:)

Peace out dudeeeeeeeeees;P



It’s finally here… It’s the summer holidays so now I’m in kind of Year 7 and a half!! WOOPWOOP x tomorrow I am going on holiday to France so I won’t update my blog until at least the 10th August! It’s my first time ever going abroad so I’m really excited and I’m going in town today to get things I will need for my holiday!!

Alice xx (:


Hello and welcome to The World of Me. It’s basically my blog but you might find that it hooks you or that some of the pages you like reading x :L

Hope you enjoy the site… I will try to update it reguarly x

Love you xx